Friday, March 13, 2020

Tutorial Services at the Blue Bell or Pottstown Campus Essays

Tutorial Services at the Blue Bell or Pottstown Campus Essays Tutorial Services at the Blue Bell or Pottstown Campus ENG 101: English Composition I Tutorial Services Assignment Source: Tutorial Services at the Blue Bell or Pottstown Campus Requirements: First, you must visit Tutorial Services on either campus for a twenty minute (minimum) session with a professional tutor before submitting the final draft of Essay 1. All services are free and appointments are not needed. You can not earn credit by visiting the Lab after an essay has been returned and graded. The point of the assignment is to get help before the final draft of an essay is submitted. Further details on Tutorial Services, including the tutor schedules, can be found under the Support Services tab in the BB toolbar. Please be sure to bring a copy of your assignment sheet for the tutor so that he/she has a firm understanding of the essay requirements. Also, guide the tutor to focus on one of your writing weaknesses. A tutor cannot possibly review every aspect of your essay in such a brief amount of time. For example, if you have fragments recurring in your drafts, ask the tutor to work with you on fragments. If you have repeated problems with unity and clearly defined t opic sentences, then ask the tutor to focus on unity. Do not expect the tutor to fix your errors or rewrite your paper. The tutor will merely guide you to making your own corrections and set an example for revision. The final responsibility for revising/editing any draft is yours! Second, you must fill out the form below, detailing your experience. Also, you must ask the professional tutor to sign and date your form. The tutor may sign your form before you fill out your analysis on the experience. You can submit the form a number of ways: 1.You can leave the document under my office door (PH 454) if you are on campus. 2.You can scan the document and submit it with your final draft. 3.You can scan the document and send it as a separate email to my MC3 account. Note about online tutoring: Online tutoring is available from the Course Catalog on the main page of Blackboard. The online tutoring questionnaire will allow you to check composition courses (i.e. ENG 101 and 102). Instead of a signature from the online tutor, you will need to send me an email with the draft of your essay on which the tutor commented. The comments will work as evidence of your tutoring session. Tutorial Services Form Ask the professional tutor to sign and date this form as evidence of your attendance. The form is to be filled out for full credit to your grade. Additionally, you are to submit it with your final draft. 10 points will be deducted if the form is not submitted with the draft. STUDENT NAME: TUTORIAL SERVICES LOCATION AND TIME: TUTOR ON DUTY: TUTOR SIGNATURE:DATE: What specific weakness did you focus on in your writing? How did the tutor help you with this weakness? What strengths did you identify in your writing? How can you take the lesson from this tutoring session and apply it to future essay drafts? Overall, would you rate your experience as successful? Why or why not?